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Translator’s place for SPIP and its contributions

The translator space welcome those who want to help the SPIP? user community by participating to translation work of SPIP itself and its miscellaneous contributions

To begin the translation work, you must choose:

  • the language module to translate;
  • the source language as your model (favor the mother language if you can);
  • the target language which is the language you are translating;

For the target language, you must choose if you are working towards a language that already exists, or if you create a new language.

See the state of translations.

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Trad-lang Show differences champ_date_fin_allonger_label : abonnement - en
You can change the due Vous pouvez modifier la dated’échéance
Gilles 1 minute ago
Trad-lang Show differences champ_date_debut_label : abonnement - en
Start Début
Gilles 3 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences ajouter_lien_abonnement : abonnement - en
Add a subscription Ajouter cet abonnement
Gilles 4 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences erreur_id_abonnements_offre : abonnement - en
You must create a subscription for an existing offer Vous devez créer un abonnement pour une offre existante .
Gilles 5 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences cfg_groupe_versions : tickets - en
Group of keywords of Groupe de mots de versions
Gilles 7 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences label_player_mp3_mejs : player - en
Gilles 10 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences cfg_label_email_obligatoire : comments - en
6949, 3054
Gilles 11 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences descriptif_site_spip_contrib : boussole-spip - en
contrib.spip SPIP-CONTRIB .net is a collaborative website where external contributions are published: plugins, scripts, functions, templates, documentations, tip and tricks... are given to the community (e.g. download links) by SPIP? users. Forums preserve relationship between users and developers.
5096, 3178, 3054
Gilles 12 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences nom_site_spip_contrib : boussole-spip - en
contrib . SPIP-Contrib spip
Gilles 15 minutes ago
Trad-lang Show differences info_taille : medias - en
Weight Poids
Gilles 17 minutes ago

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