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Avril 2012 PatV
Avril 2012 PatV
Janvier 2011 -1

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This tool has two functions :

@puce@ Correct Links.

In French texts, SPIP? follows the rules of French typography and inserts a space before question and exclamation marks, and uses French-style quotation marks when appropriate. This tool prevents this from happening in URLs where such replacements are inappropriate. [1]

@puce@ Orphan links.

Systematically replaces all URLs which authors have placed in texts (especially often in forums), and which are thus not clickable, by links in the normal SPIP format. For example, www.spip.net will be replaced by : www.spip.net.

You can choose the type of replacements used :
Basic : links such as http://spip.net (whatever protocol) and www.spip.net are replaced.
Extended : additionally links such as these are also replaced : me@spip.net, mailto:myaddress or news:mynews.
By default : automatic replacement (from SPIP version 2.).

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