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Octobre 2014 Hanjo
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Février 2014 PatV
Janvier 2013 Benitron
Avril 2012 PatV
Janvier 2011 -1

Différences entre version No6 et version No5

Texte de la chaine de langue

Like what you already do in your skeletons, this tool allows you to freely use the language strings (from SPIP? or your skeletons) in all content of your site (articles, titles, messages, etc.. ) using the shortcut <:ma_chaine:>.

More information on this can be found in this article.

User variables can also be added to the shortcuts. This feature was introduced with SPIP 2.0. For example, <:my_string{nom=Charles Martin, age=37}:> makes it possible to pass the values to the SPIP language file : 'my_string'=>"Hi, I’m @nom@ and I am @age@ years old".

The SPIP PHP function used is : _T('a_text') (with no parameters), and _T('a_text', array('arg1'=>'some words', 'arg2'=>'other words')) (with parameters).

Do not forget to check that the variable used 'a_text' is defined in the language files.

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