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Avril 2012 PatV
Avril 2012 PatV
Janvier 2011 -1

Différences entre version No3 et version No2

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Provides short-cuts to add colours to any text on the site (articles, news items, titles, forums, ...) by using bracket tags as short-cuts : [colour]text[/colour].

Here are two identical examples to change the colour of some text :@_CS_EXEMPLE_COULEURS2@

In the same way, to change the background colour if the following option allows :@_CS_EXEMPLE_COULEURS3@

 [2][<set_couleurs valeur="1&quo...]
@_CS_ASTER@The format of these personalised tags have to be of existing colours or defined pairs "tag=colour", separated by commas. Examples : "grey, red", "smooth=yellow, strong=red", "low=#99CC11, high=brown" but also "grey=#DDDDCC, red=#EE3300". For the first and last examples, the allowed tags are : [grey] and [red] ([fond grey] and [fond red] if background colours are allowed).

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