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Octobre 2014 Hanjo
Octobre 2014 Hanjo
Septembre 2014 -1

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CRON tasks to be executed are called each time a visitor accesses a site page. By default these tasks are started in the background, without any delay for the user. This tool lets you reinstate the functionality of these CRON tasks in case they have not been executed correctly correctlu , or in case your site is protected by htaccess / htpasswd files. @_CS_CRON@ [1] @puce@ Certain servers have a firewall that silently DROP all http requests : fsockopen then waits 30 sec at every hit before starting the query. cURL does not wait but does not know that its query fails. As a result the CRON never runs and the site may end up in a catastrophic state… When you know that you are in such configuration (and you are not able to change it), this option may heavily reduce the response time of the site.  [2]