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# Date Auteur
Février 2014 Hanjo
Décembre 2013 Hanjo
Avril 2012 PatV
Avril 2012 George
Juin 2011 -1

Différences entre version No4 et version No3

Texte de la chaine de langue

Allows you to create blocks which are shown/hidden show/hide themselves when you click on their titles.

@puce@ In SPIP? text texts  : authors can use the new (or ) and tags in their text texts as below :

<blockquote class="spip">
A clickable title

The text to be shown/hidden, after two empty lines.

@puce@ In templates : you can use the new #BLOC_TITRE, #BLOC_DEBUT and #BLOC_FIN tags like this :

<blockquote class="spip">
My title
#BLOC_RESUME    (optional)
a summary version of the following block
My collapsible block (which will contain the indicated URL, if needed)

@puce@ If you tick "yes" below, opening one block will cause all other blocks on the page to close. i.e. only one block is open at a time. [1]

@puce@ If you tick "yes" below, the state of the numbered blocks will be kept in a session cookie, in order to maintain the page’s page’s appearance as long as the session lasts. [2]

@puce@ By default, the Swiss Army Knife plugin uses the HTML tag

for the titles of the collapsible blocks. You can specify another tag to use instead here  : [3]

@puce@ In order to obtain a smoother transition when you click on the title, your collapsible blocks can be animated with a "sliding" effect". [4][%blocs_millisec% milliseconds]

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