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il y a 1 mois maieul
Décembre 2019 jack31
Septembre 2019 jack31
Mars 2019 maieul
Décembre 2018 Hanjo
Octobre 2018 jack31
Mai 2018 jack31
Mai 2018 jack31
Décembre 2013 Hanjo
Août 2013 -1

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Texte de la chaine de langue
Specify the conditions to display the field based on the value of the other fields. The identifier of the other fields has to be entered between @.
Example @selection_1@=="Toto" conditions the display of the field only when field selection_1 has a value of Toto.
It is possible to use Boolean operators || (or) and && (and).
You will find <a href="" target="_blank " rel="noopener noreferrer">full target="_blank">full documentation of the syntax on contrib.spip.
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